Spring Summary 2014

Paradise Lost

With the forcast showing hot/wet temps, having completed all my main spring goals, and a vacation in the near future, im willing to call it a season.

** Weather at the farm, May 25 2014**


Reflecting back, it seemed to have started rather late due to the bitterly cold winter, but after a few day trips to the Red, things started to pick up.

** Playing in the Madness Cave is tiring for everyone.**

Ranger at the Lode

After all was said and done, the total was

  • 6 new 5.13s (4 repeated in a day)

  • 3 new 5.12ds (2 of them flashed)

  • over 50 new redpoints

  • many days spent in the woods with friends (and a few a$$holes).

Special thanks to Evolv and J Tree